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About me

I discovered Blythe doll by accident at the end of 2015 when I was working at a toy company in Los Angeles. I immediately fell in love with it! I have several years of experience in managing product development team in consumer product industry. I always get so fascinated to see a sketch eventually becomes a product and get displayed in a store! I used to draw and make crafts when I was younger, but lost that hobby as I got busy with job and life. Blythe dolls brought me back to those hobbies again. I’m here to share the joy of Blythe by making handmade outfits for them. I hope you like them!

A side note: I spent several years in Japan, P.R. China and Taiwan when I was younger due to my parents' work. Feel free to communicate with me in Japanese or Chinese (Mandarin). I'm originally from L.A., currently living in Hawaii with my husband.